We provide professional, confidential concierge services which include, but are not limited to, arranging dinner reservations,tee times at local golf courses, and tickets to the theatre and other local attractions.

Our doorstep delivery of Fruits & Vegetables, Groceries, Stationeries, Household Goods and Tools are just unimaginable.

To help you maximize and enjoy your personal time, we offer our personal shopping services to obtain groceries, supplies, and gifts that you specify. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.
Upon request, we will arrange to have a small assortment of groceries, beverages, and fresh foods waiting for you. Provide us with a list and we’ll handle the rest.
We offer convenient pick-up and delivery for professional cleaning of your clothing.
Call for Cleaning of Sofas,Carpets,Chairs etc by our professional cleaning teams.
At your direction, we will pick up, receive, forward, or arrange shipping of your mail and packages.
In the event of a breakdown we will quickly inspect your home for damage, determine a solution, and obtain the services of a professional to address the problem. This service is available to our registered (Annual Maintenance Contract) clients whenever needed.
We can arrange for repairs or battery replacements for your cars, Washing and interior cleaning of upholstery.

Why Callus24x7.com?

Our deliveries are preplanned as we book in advance from our registered households.Why drive a car for running errands?Why risk the vehicle and valuable time?Why not market fresh at market price?