Our specialized services in IT are

  • Structured Cabling
  • Network and Server Rack Dressing
  • Desktop OS & Application Installation & Configuration
  • IT Security:Firewall,Antivirus,Antispam,Web Security,Data Security Services
  • Data Centre Networking, Servers Configuration and Containment Services
Information Technology has evolved after a long period being developed with both hardware and software to beat the gap in computing and to chase the dream and technological need for advancement in various ways.

A perfect technology is that which helps us with decision making and every decision making is again based upon decision support tools which must be correct and useful.And we need Information Technology to scale these capabilities.

It’s enablement gets us the maximum potential it has and once automated we save not only time but need no reminders going inside us, thus increases our efficiency to make us grow.

IT enabled Services (ITeS), also called web enabled services or remote services or Tele-working, covers the entire gamut of operations which exploit information technology for improving efficiency of an organization. These services provide a wide range of career options that include opportunities in call Centre, medical transcription, medical billing and coding, back office operations, revenue claims processing, legal databases, content development, payrolls, logistics management, GIS (Geographical Information System), HR services, web services etc.

Automation Makes IT Better.Manage IT infrastructure faster, so you spend less time fighting fires and more time deploying great software and applications.IT is under increased pressure to deploy systems and applications faster while building highly available and reliable infrastructure.

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