Renovation (also called remodeling) is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure. Renovations are typically either commercial or residential.

Space re-planning is almost synonymous to space constraint and space management both in Residential and Corporate and Retails.

We offer both residential and commercial/corporate renovation services.
Why Renovate?
To add to the comfort, use and value of the home.
• Add extra space to accommodate an expanding family, or simply to add a sense of spaciousness.
• Add rooms for special purposes, such as an office or games room.
• Change the configuration of the house for better flow, ease of use or orientation to sun and views.
• Update and remodel to give the house a fresher, more modern look – this could involve major changes such as taking out walls to enlarge a room, putting in a new kitchen, or installing new wallboards and ceilings. Or it could simply be a matter of painting or wallpapering.
• Restore the house to its original style (while adding modern features in some areas, like the kitchen and bathroom).
• Add value to increase your investment.
To tidy it up to sell.
• to give an inexpensive makeover to freshen it up and make it more attractive to buyers.
• to consider the tastes of potential buyers.
• to give an indoor-outdoor flow and an increased sense of space or some landscaping.
Building Permits Required for:

New structures and additions to existing structures
Garages, Decks, Swimming pools (in ground & above ground)
Structural repairs
Moving a structure from one site to another (garages, houses)
Basement developments & fireplaces
Basement Suites & Secondary Suites
Foundation replacement or repair (Channel Bracing)
New plumbing

Building Permits not Required for:

Fencing, sidewalks, planters and driveways
Painting, decorating and laying carpet
Cabinet work
Non-structured repairs and maintenance
Accessory Buildings under 10m2 (107ft2) however, these must comply with zoning regulations.

Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Architecture & Designing
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Building Automation
Digital Connectivity
Home Office
Fire & Protection
Fixtures and Hangings
Building Care
Our available services include:
Window washing
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Pressure washing
Floor refinishing
Emergency cleanup

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