The practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.

This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Green building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building.

The Importance of Building Maintenance
A commercial property is the foundation of business development when other aspects could be the secondary infrastructures.It is a financial investment that has the ability to yield profits. The factors on which profotability dependent are: the type of building, the location of the building and the overall condition and appearance of the structure. While you cannot always control where the building is located, or the actual design of the building, you certainly have the ability to control the condition and appearance.

Routine building maintenance that is provided by a professional and experienced facility maintenance provider is a simple and cost effective way to protect your valuable investment and lock in its earning potential for years to come. Routine commercial cleaning and maintenance on the exterior and the interior is more than just about aesthetics – it is about ensuring that your commercial property is well-maintained and free from damage, costly problems and the need for constant repairs.
To understand how beneficial routine building maintenance actually is, consider the following:

1. Emergency repairs are always found to be expensive and time consuming

2. Routine maintenance limits possible liability.

3. Expenses on emergency services are impossible to have in the budget provisions

4. A well-maintained building sends a positive message about your business.

Signs, Displays, Etc.
Sign Installation
Sign Removal & Repair
Light Bulb Replacement
Hang Mirrors & Pictures
Slatwall Installation & Repair
Product Display Assembly
Product Display Repair
Shopping Cart Corral Repair
Equipment Installation
Furniture Assembly
Furniture & Display Disposal
Shelving Installation & Repair
Cabinet & Drawer Repair
Kiosk Repair & Assembly
Jewelry Case Repair
Doors & Windows
Interior Door Installation
Exterior Door Installation
Door Repairs & Adjustments
Door Hardware Installation
Weather Stripping & Thresholds
Deadbolt Installation
ADA Hardware Upgrades
Bathroom Stall Door Repair
Attempted Break-In Repair
Window Installation & Repair
Emergency Board Up Service
Window Hardware Replacement
Window Blind Installation
Tile Installation & Repair
Grout Replacement
Sheet Vinyl Installation
VCT Installation
Carpet Square Installation
Laminate Installation & Repair
Cove Base & Molding Installation
Walls & Ceilings
Drywall Repairs
Texture Matching
Ceiling Repairs
Water Damage Repairs
Ceiling Tile Installation
Drop Ceiling Repairs
Caulk & Grout
Tile Installation/Repair
Flooring Installation/Repair
Grab Bar Installation
ADA Hardware Upgrades
Towel & Soap Dispensers
Bathroom Stalls & Partitions
Backsplash Installation
Drywall Repairs
Ceiling Repairs
Water Damage Repairs
Business Exterior
Graffiti Removal
Masonry & Brick Repair
Siding Installation & Repair
Fascia & Soffit Repair
Gutter Repair & Cleaning
Deck Cleaning & Sealing
Ramps, Stairs & Handrails
Deck Installation & Repair
Painting Touch-up
Fence & Gate Repair
Roof Repairs
Shingle Replacements
Mail Box Installation & Repair
Wind & Water Damage Repairs
Holiday Lighting
Facade Cleaning,Glazing and Glass Fixing
HVAC & Electro-mechanicals
General Preventive Repair & Maintenance
Plumbing, Civil Preventive Repair Works
Capacity and Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Installations, Structural Cabling and Integration
Pest Control,Exterior and RO Plants