About Smart Coupon

A home, both new and living in and a small office need services from Inauguration to Repair & Maintenance, and Installations of Appliances, Equipment, Smart Coupons are helpful in getting small works done.

Just call for Smart Coupons today and give your home and office a new look.

Because it’s just smart to enable your request into work.
To get a Smart Coupon just call us at 888 2490 888
or write to us at email:mail@callus24x7.com
or SMS to 888 2490 888

*All services are for Delhi & NCR only

Yes,it has a price exclusive of the charges of service delivery.
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Benefits for Resellers:
Incentive on each sale
Awards for Numbers
Appreciation on Demand Generation
Become an Entrepreneur
Grih Pravesh-the sanctimonious way to enter the new home Cleaning is the smarter way of living without buying anew. For Home, Office and Small Scale Commercial establishments, we are the best fit for your interiors.
Preventive Maintenance minimises the depreciation and extend the Life. During construction,we are first to lay conduits and last to leave after installations. After hitting the ‘Enter’ button for our professional services, one can breathe easy for most of your official and professional jobs.
Your search for an apartment was over, you signed the lease, you issued the cheque. Congrats, you’re now all ready to move into your first apartment! Except, wait a minute, call us.We will find what to be there before you enter and will do all out to make Grih Pravesh the most celebratory.
Event Maangement & Party
Check & Correct
Install & Configure
Corrective Repairs and Maintenance of
Home Appliances
Kitchen Fittings
Equipment and Facilities
Specialized services for computer and peripherals
Facade Cleaning, Interior Dusting, wet/dry cleaning of floor, carpet, linen, curtains, kitchen overhead tank cleaning,
Car washing and dry cleaning of interiors.
Delivery of gifts, Envelops, Invitations etc.
Prepaid Supply of Groceries, Vegetables,Edibles.
(we do not supply medicines and other prohibitory items)
Water proofing of roof/walls, Protective coats on cars(Teflon, Rubberizing), sapling, gardening, electrical protective fittings(High-Voltage)
Bill deposits, Bank Works, Document Copying/Printing and related services
New equipments/Appliances (home appliances, electrical, water, kitchen fittings)
Overhead water tank and motor/generators
Small scale new construction (masonry/interior & exterior, temporary/permanent modification and designing), wall/roof paintings, wood polishing
House/Flats on rent, buy, sale, multi property management, home loan services from reputed financial institutions/bank
Refilling of Printer cartridges and Laser Printer Toners
Store your data, photos, files, videos, memories and document for years
Electrical, Intercom, Audio-visual, Data cable laying and integration for new as well as renovation works. Get ready to face the time with all connected.
Make your Home and Office Automated with Electricals, Water, HVAC, Lighting and the theme.
Grih Pravesh, Birth Days,Marriages,Get together Parties, Family Gatherings etc.
Smart coupon is meant for single service activation only.
Similar service can be extended to other area e.g.for fixing a wooden door can be extended to repairing an internal furniture but can’t be extended to electrical repair and woodwork lying outside.
Additional smart coupon can be used for additional services.
Through service activation, details of the services required by subscriber is enquired and understood.
Customer has to provide access to the site of service delivery, facilities like power, water etc. and the site must be safe and immune from children and other person.
Commencing the service delivery is subject to acceptance of the commercial proposals/estimation of the work.
Smart coupon along with activation key to be validated at the time of commencement of work.
Smart Coupons are non-transferable, non-refundable.
Service Charges are unchangeable and once agreed, customer is liable to pay.
Collateral damaged during service delivery is completely customer’s responsibility.
Delhi Jurisdiction.