I’m a hugely privileged
Have all the advantages that an average being doesn’t have
Brought up in an environment for which money isn’t really an issue
Living in a nice place – in leafy, privileged house
Went to one of the best schools
Have always been able to find job
Married, have a child, have a great job, own a nice home
Reasonably healthy
I tick almost all the right boxes
– and have all the advantages.
Our Portfolio of Services:

  • Home & Office Repair & Maintenance
  • Travel & Tour,Hotels and Concierge Services
  • Car, Home & Office Cleaning
  • Third party Warranty Management
  • Consultancy
  • Personal Assistance in
  • Communication & Correspondence
  • Appointments:Visitors,Doctors,Dieticians,Architects
  • Foods & Beverages
  • On-line Shopping Bonanza
Services to Individuals
Services for Residents
Smart Coupons
As per mutual agreement.
As per agreed terms and Scope of Service Delivery mutually agreed.