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Inventory of Spares & Materials,Interiors & Lifestyle Goods Supply
Sand,Cement,Bricks,Iron Rods,Plaster of Paris(PoP),Compounding Material,Putty,Adhesives,Mineral free Water
Measurement Tools,Water Level,Hammer,Chisel,PoP Gurmala,Karni,Plum Bobs,Thread
Wires and Cables,Sockets and switches,LEDs,Stabilizers,MMCBs,MCBs,RCCBs
8 in. Needle Nose Pliers,Multi – Crimp Strip Tool,8 in. Diagonal-Cutting Pliers,10-inch Pump Pliers,Screwdriver 7-1,Electrician’s Hawkbill Knife,25-foot Tape Measure,Electrician’s Hammer,T-Stripper Wire Stripper,Eight-Pocket Tool Pouch,Voltage/Continuity Tester,Cable Cutter,Multi-Crimp Tool,Screw-Holding Screwdriver,Scratch-Awl,Magnetized Torpedo Level,Hacksaw,Side-Entry Cable Ripper,9.0 in. Linesman Pliers,5- Rolls Black tape
5- Pack: Red/Blue/Orange/Yellow/Green.
Foods,Vegetables,Fruits,Pulses,Cereal for emergency
Foods,Vegetables,Fruits,Pulses,Cereal for emergency
Foods,Vegetables,Fruits,Pulses,Cereal for emergency
Foods,Vegetables,Fruits,Pulses,Cereal for emergency
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Welcome To , a web portal for your complete Life Cycle management

Our SmartCards help you carry out your day to day Repairs and Maintenance and more.
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Why Choose CallUs24x7 Services!!
  • We try to understand better
  • Complete portfolio of services
  • To serve every Industry,all walks of life
  • Complete Lifecycle coverage
  • After all,lesser over all cost of delivery
‘Sky is the limit’,if will is there to exhibit the capabilities to make the dream realized.
And we are here not only to honour your dream but also to take care of most, which would help the realization process to succeed.
None is small, nor any job is taken to be small provided they are clean,safe and create avenues for success, be it one day or throughout the life.
Work culture, professional approach, quality of delivery, reliability and scalability could be the terms for standard description but we take these in ‘letter and spirit’ for quality delivery.

For the above, human factor plays crucially to shape a service product for which we believe in human development to achieve these.Our people are our treasure, our clients are our inspiration.

It’s not the daily chores, both domestic or professional or both which pose impediments on our way of progress but the implementation of ideas and execution of jobs could be the paramount ways of approach to any of the challenges.

We thought of taking it head on, in spite that the deliverables in the context of some of the demanding customizable services could be not just difficult but even most complex.Ideas have been transformed into innovations in service delivery, we started counting the number of services and found to be unending.But selected some, most ‘essential and lifestyle oriented’.Then stepped out to reach to you, to deliver, the way it is amiable,reliable,acceptable,affordable, smart and, just unbelievable.

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